System maintenance PHP upgrade 1/9-1/10 and things to come...

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System maintenance PHP upgrade 1/9-1/10 and things to come...

Postby Dhaiul » Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:59 am

General note that the system may have been unavailable during late night 1/9 due to system patching.

An upgrade to the forum was attempted however there are problems with the new version upgrade from where we are currently as even as it is listed as a minor version the software has changed drastically as well as the SQL on the backend. Over the years we have had some modules and pluggins that have left remnants in the SQL. Going forward I will be stripping out some of the unused parts to make this migration possible as the vast improvement to the anti spam and bot functionality has been made and as of recent we have been seeing a large influx of bots. All forum posts and users should be safe however the first step was to cull the smiley population (we can re-add more later).

Going forward we are working on a code base that should allow us to offer a calendar based furmeet planner with some twitter integration. We haven't decided fully on who or what qualifies to post directly over the API and the moderators and myself will be working on this going forward.


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